Packing List

1 Suitcase/bag – 50 pound limit, maximum exterior dimension: 62in.
1 Backpack (to carry on the plane, for daily use on bus, and for an overnight stay)
1 Small bag for easy access on day trips
Labels for all luggage/bags

1 Pair sturdy walking/hiking/gym shoes (lightweight recommended)
1 Pair Tevas or other secure water sandals (Closed heel – no flip flops)

8 T-shirts or tank tops (one white)
6 Pairs of shorts
2 Pairs of long pants or jeans
15 Pairs of underwear
15 Pairs of socks
2 Pairs of summer pajamas
2     Swimsuits (we recommend 1 older, one-piece suit for the Dead Sea and water hikes)
1 Sweatshirt or lightweight jacket

For Girls:
1     Outfit for religious sites: dress or skirt/top that covers elbows and knees
1-2 Outfit(s) for Shabbat/events: skirt/top or dress
1 White shirt – polo or button down

For Boys:
1     White shirt for religious sites
1-2 Pair long-pants (dressier, i.e., khakis) for religious sites, Shabbat & events
2     Short-sleeved Polo shirts (Shabbat and events)
1 Kipah

Dop kit/ cosmetic bag
Extra contact lens solution (very expensive in Israel)
Soap and covered soap dish or liquid soap
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shaving equipment
Feminine hygiene supplies
Toilet paper (sometimes not available at rest stops)
Mini packages of Kleenex, chapstick, and anti-bacterial soap or wipes

Water bottle/Camel Back
Insect repellent
2 Beach towels
Extra pair of prescription glasses and/or contact lenses
Alarm clock (battery-operated)
Watch (with alarm ideally)
Flashlight and extra batteries
Prescription medicine (enough for 3 weeks + a written prescription)
Adapter for Poland/Israel (220 converter)
Large plastic bag for clothing that gets wet
Thermal Lunch bag (optional)
Journal, pens

Host/Hostess Hospitality Gifts:
Please bring one unbreakable, easy to pack gift for your host family in Netanya valued at approximately $25.  Popular gifts bear the name Cincinnati, such as t-shirts and other items that may have the logos of various Cincinnati sports teams, universities, etc…

What we DO NOT recommend:
Linens and pillows
Expensive jewelry or other valuables such as laptops and expensive electronics

Luggage Tips

Each participant will be responsible for his or her own luggage at all times, which includes loading it on and off of buses and into hotel rooms.  As such we recommend bringing one “manageable” piece of luggage (duffel bags and rolling suitcases work best) and one full-size carryon bag.

Be sure to pack at least one change of clothes, toiletries, and any prescription medicine you will need in your carry-on bag in the unlikely event that your checked luggage gets delayed. It is also a smart idea to attach some kind of easy identifier, such as a colored ribbon, to your checked luggage as well as a name label.

Packing Tips

Weather goes from cold, rainy Poland to hot, sunny Israel, so be prepared with multiple layers REMEMBER TO LABEL EVERYTHING!

In Poland, the temperature in April can range from the 40’s to the 70’s, and it rains frequently. In Israel the weather will be warmer and may range from the 50’s to the 80’s. With this in mind, here are some practical packing tips to consider:

Participants should have a hat, a shirt with sleeves/windbreaker/sweater, sunscreen, and water in their backpacks at all times.
Bring comfortable walking shoes.  No flip flops.
Please pack modest clothing to be worn when visiting religious sites and concentration camps.
Because we strive to create a special atmosphere on Shabbat, please bring dressy-casual clothing to be worn at this time.

NOTE: All participants will receive a March of the Living hooded rain-slick jacket and a hat.

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