Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 12: April 14th, 2013

Hi, this is Benji and Tessa reporting live from the Holy Land.  Today we went to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and The Yitzak Rabin Israeli History Museum.  It was inspirational because we all learned a lot about the state of Israel and the connection to the Holocaust. In addition, today is also known as Yom Hazikaron, the day of remembrance for the fallen soldiers. Although, both Benji and I have been to Israel before, we have never experienced these holidays. It was a memorable sight to see all of Israel pause for a moment of silence and come together in unity. The cultural and spiritual connection we feel for this country was heightened after learning about the foundation and people of Israel. And even though we couldn't understand what the people were saying at Rabin Square, we all got to see the emotion and sadness on other's faces. Tomorrow we are meeting our host families in Netanya, our sister city. 

-Benji Kriner and Tessa Rothfeld 

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